Resonance FM 21.3.18

An inadvertent Bonkers Pop Special (although isn't every episode?). Kicked off with Keel Her's cover of Robert Wyatt's classic 'Heaps Of Sheeps' and ended with an improvisation on the Star Wars theme by Blue Jazz TV, Adrian Knight's band of "lounge popsters and sophisto DIY slouches." Along the way were tunes by Belgian library musician Jacques Siroul, the wonderful Alem Kebede, Shibuya-Kei group Yukari Fresh, and London weirdo pop group Yola Fatoush.

Dig That Treasure (21/3/18)
Keel Her - Heaps Of Sheeps (Robert Wyatt cover)
Jacques Siroul - Reflets
Alem Kebede - Jemberwa
Yukari Fresh - Yippee To Kate
Yola Fatoush - Skeleton (A. G. Cook remix)
Blue Jazz TV - Theme To Star Wars

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