Yola Fatoush - Skeleton

Yola Fatoush were a duo active earlier in the decade, and one who seem to have entered some sort of permanent hiatus (it's either that or they broke up - but this is the internet, bands come and go, breaking up is old school). A quick Google search shows that most entries on the duo are dated to 2012-14. Their website domain has been bought out and is now used to sell shoes. I read Yola Fatoush as being remnants of the tail-end of a frantic and frankly absurd blog culture that lasted the best part of a decade (from 2003/4 onwards?). As I say, bands came and bands went, and still do. And here is one whose brief moment has been immortalised online; stuck in a place that existed a few years ago, both immediately recent and historically vacated. Anyway, this song is great. There are nods to 2-step (check out that rhythm) and wonky (that synth) and Gang Gang Dance art pop (the vox). It has a great pop melody and bonkers, messy production. It was remixed by PC Music powerhouse A. G. Cook who was a "newcomer" at the time (perhaps a testament to how quickly the internet moves and to how long ago 2014 feels). Big fan.

Year: 2014
Genre: Art Pop, Wonky, 2-Step, Eurobeat, Experimental

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