Resonance FM 23/10/18

I packed the songs in this week. Nora Guthrie - daughter of Woody - kicked off the show with the beautiful 'Home Before Dark'. Next was French composer Pascal Comelade, followed by Ethiopian musician Feysel Shemolo (who seemingly only has one song online - one fewer than Nora Guthrie...). Another Frenchman, Roland Bocquet, and Japanese legend Jun Togawa followed (the latter with a Velvet Underground cover). I closed the show with Mziuri, a Soviet-era Georgian state band made up of children, and Lonnie Holley, whose brand new tune 'Sometimes I Wanna Dance' I can't stop listening to.

Dig That Treasure (23/10/18)
Nora Guthrie - Home Before Dark
Pascal Comelade - Nature Morte Aux Maracas
Feysel Shemolo - Teney Lemuhaba
Roland Bocquet - Flash
Jun Togawa - 17 Year Old
Jun Togawa - Femme Fatale
Mziuri - Legend Of Tbilisi
Lonnie Holley - Sometimes I Wanna Dance

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