Resonance FM 9/10/18

I'm changing things a little... I don't like speaking on air, particularly, and so I'm only going cut the chat right down. I'll introduce the show at the beginning and provide contact details/news/upcoming events at the end. In between will be solid tunes (with artist and track title provided). This was the first week of doing so - I kicked off with a rendition of Colonel Bogey March by 周聰、呂紅 before spinning tunes by Yeshimebet Dubale (yet again!), the bonkers and inimitable Superstar & Star, the jazz-trained Larry Chernicoff and the jazz-breaking Foodman. I closed the show with my favourite new song, Hayley by Jockstrap, who'll be joining me in the studio on November 20th.

Dig That Treasure (9/10/18)
周聰、呂紅 - 快樂進行曲
Yeshimebet Dubale & Kenedy Mengesha - Dabes
Superstar & Star - I Ain't Missing You
Larry Chernicoff - Wind Horses
Foodman - Jazz
Jockstrap - Hayley

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