Resonance FM 27/11/18

A deliciously eclectic mix, here... I kicked off the show with a song by Visible Cloaks - who don't really fit this show's requirements but who I've been enjoying a lot recently - and closed the show with a track by Georgian vocal group Orera. Along the way were two tunes from Sudanese artists featured on the 'Two Niles To Sing A Melody' compilation, some vintage highlife from CST Amankwah, and a duo of bangers by Indian/Portuguese/English/Icelandic sex symbol Leoncie.

Dig That Treasure (27/11/18)
Visible Cloaks - Wheel
Leoncie - Love In A Pub
Leoncie - Enginn Þrikantur Hér (No Threesome Here)
CST Amankwah - Saade Wobe Su
Zaidan Ibrahim - Ma Hammack Azabna
Abdelmoniem Ekhaldi - Droob A Shoag
Орэра - Старый Мотив (Old Motive)

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