Resonance FM 29/1/19

Jam-packed episode this week featuring, in order, tunes from Finland, the US, Morocco, Japan, the US, Italy, Greece, Ethiopia. I kicked off with some very wacky Finnish folk before trumping the wackiness with Sam Chalpin's version of, sorta, Nancy Sinatra's 'Bang Bang'. The following included: Moroccon folk/pop, Isao Tomita's interpretation of Debussy, US outsider Gary Wilson, Tasty Morsels' Parish Council, super rare Italian synth band Thorny Group, Greek new-wave/dark-wave singer Lena Platonos, and Ethiopian icon Tilahun Gesesse.

Dig That Treasure (29/1/19)
Melkutus - Taru Aaltojen Ruokopillistä
Sam Chalpin - Bang Bang
Najat Aâtabou - Ândak Tkoun Boudina
Isao Tomita - Passepied
Gary Wilson - Debbie Debbie
Parish Council - Same Cake
Thorny Group - Roller Games
Lena Platonos - Μάρκος
Tilahun Gesesse - Bemishit Chereka

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