Resonance FM 2/7/19

Ten songs across thirty minutes. Four (under 80 seconds each) from Lily & Horn Horse. A dose of steel-pan funk, some Portuguese fado, Guinean pop-folk, a sprinkling of Platonica Erotica and a bit of anime soundtracking. I ended this show with a magnificent, climactic, pitiful, beautiful, hideous, phenomenal, appalling rendition of 'New York, New York' by Ken DeFeudis.

Dig That Treasure (2/7/19)
John Gibbs and the Unlimited Sound of Steel Orchestra - Brazil
Lily & Horn Horse - Next To Me 1
Lily & Horn Horse - Useless Room 1
Lily & Horn Horse - Checkers
Lily & Horn Horse - Next To Me 2
Oumou Dioubate - Ladiya
Platonica Erotica - Sillyspringsong
Ercilia Costa - O Meu Filho
Kazuhiko Izu - Flying Plate
Ken DeFeudis - New York, New York

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