Resonance FM 10/9/19

After a short break I'm back for series #17835128457214 of Dig That Treasure on Resonance FM. And nothing's changed! The same clumsy, ill-prepared presenting, and the same eclectic mix of tunes - best you'll hear anywhere. Like every show, this one was packed with amazing tracks: from People Like Us' sample cacophony to the fictional orchestral chatter of Doopees, making stops at Gabon, Afghanistan, the US, and Ethiopia along the way.

Dig That Treasure (10/9/19)
People Like Us & Wobbly - Music For The Fire
Surprise - Ogoue
Wajiha Rastagar - Zori
Ana Roxanne - I'm Every Sparkly Woman
Tadesse Alemu - የአውዳመት ቀን
Doopees - Some Day, That Place In Time

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