Resonance FM 25/10/19 (Daniel Johnston Tribute)

As well as the regular half-hour show, this week I presented a special hour-long tribute to the late Daniel Johnston. Over the course of the hour I hosted live performances from the always-stunning Martha Skye Murphy (with guest Felix Stephens on cello), the anarchic Brad (Baby Blue Aura) and George (Mice On Mars), and record-holding three-time guest Kiran Leonard. The performances were brilliant and each highlighted a different side of Johnston's music - we had loud and quiet, tender and chaotic, sad and funny... A huge thanks to all the guests for making it a special evening. Check the show out below!

Dig That Treasure (25/10/19)
Daniel Johnston - Grievances
Martha Skye Murphy - Cathy Cline (live in studio)
Martha Skye Murphy - Some Things Last A Long Time (live in studio)
Martha Skye Murphy - Devil Town (live in studio)
Daniel Johnston - Silly Love
Daniel Johnston - Evening Stars
Daniel Johnston - I Will
Brad + George - Don't Play Cards With Satan (live in studio)
Brad + George - Funeral Home (live in studio)
Daniel Johnston - High Horse
Daniel Johnston - Mountain Top
Kiran Leonard - Lullaby (live in studio)
Kiran Leonard - Oh No (live in studio)
Daniel Johnston - Life In Vain
Daniel Johnston - Worried Shoes

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