Resonance FM 18/2/20

This was a fun episode. I kicked off with Malay rock from A Nandong before playing virtuosic composer Oliver Buckland and a bonkers slice of J-pop by Bakunyu Sangokushi. Two songs from an album of Cosmic Children's Songs followed, before a wicked tune from Ethiopian star Aster Aweke. I closed with some lovely light music courtesy of Russ Morgan.

Dig That Treasure (18/2/20)
A Nandong & De'Fictions - Senjakala
Oliver Buckland - Espial
Bakunyu Sangokushi - Bakunyu Ondo
Nikolay Stenski - Tale of the Old Turtle
Thomas Natschinski - Robotertanz
Aster Aweke - Ayachehut Wey
Russ Morgan & His Orchestra - What Do You Know About Love?

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