Resonance FM 9/6/20

Jam-packed episode here, opening with a trio of songs from Brazilian singer Milton Nascimento (featuring one of the greatest middle eights you'll hear), French jazzers André Paquinet and Benny Vasseur, and Singaporean skifflers Tayib Ridon and Orkes Zindega. Couple of tunes from the American avant-gardist Rebby Sharp's incredible In One Mouth And Out The Other followed, before a tune from the legendary Ethiopian oldies singer Kennedy Mengesha and, finally, some Sega music from Réunion courtesy of Les Soul Men.

Dig That Treasure (9/6/20)
Milton Nascimento - Canção Do Novo Mundo
André Paquinet, Benny Vasseur et leur Orchestre - Oui, Va Plus Loin (Walk On By)
Tayib Ridon & Orkes Zindegi - Lambaian Mu
Rebby Sharp - Some Men
Rebby Sharp - Gimmee Back My 15¢
Kennedy Mengesha - Delash Woy Mengedu
Les Soul Men - Defoule Sega

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