Resonance FM 22/9/20

Just four tracks this week, but one is 12 minutes so quit your moaning! Kicked off with the beautiful and eerie 'Susanna' by Japanese singer Yoko Ueno. Next was a callback to last week's show, in which I play the gospel tune 'That's Alright', as sung by Laura Rivers. This week it was evangelist Willie Mae Smith's turn, giving the song the full-band Baptist treatment. Following that, a little bite of Italian MOR, courtesy of Matia Bazar, before I closed the show with Horse Whisperer's 'Planctae'. Horse Whisperer is Max Syed-Tollan, a Scottish composer and multi-disciplinary artist whose 'Planctae/8 Fictions' is available via GLARC.

Dig That Treasure (22/9/20)
Yoko Ueno - Susanna
Willie Mae Smith - That's Alright
Matia Bazar - Solo Tu
Horse Whisperer - Planctae

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