Resonance FM 13/10/20

Times and places. Lots of them. Nigeria in the 80s? Yep. American session player for Elvis, Buddy and Frank with bongos to boot? Uh-huh. Drone from former Yugoslavia? Sure thing. Transcendent Soundcloud experiments from down under? Bengali folk from Bagula? Zappa-inspired Japanese prog of the 90s? Yes, yes and yes. It's all there and it's all great.

Dig That Treasure (13/10/20)
Dizzy K - No Dime
Al Caiola - Dance Of The Spanish Onion
Al Caiola - Steel Guitar Rag
SKK - Tema 8
Noah - Eliya
Gosto Gopal Das - Jivan Nadir Ghurnipake
Tipographica - Forest Tipographical II

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