Resonance FM 10/11/20

Kermit The Frog? David Lee Roth? James Brown? Nonsense? It can only mean one thing: The Bran Flakes. Three tunes by the iconic plunderphonics novelty-pop duo were followed by tracks from Japan, Poland, Nepal and Zimbabwe, with a bit of "comfy synth" thrown in for good measure.

Dig That Treasure (10/11/20)
The Bran Flakes - Good Times A Goo Goo
The Bran Flakes - Nonsense
The Bran Flakes - Van Pop
長谷川白紙 - 怖いところ
長谷川白紙 - あなただけ
M Grechuta - Childhood Portrait
Namdup Lepcha - Namko Kusa
The Shakespearean Frog - Oh My Darling
Comrade Chinx - Vanhu Vemu Africa

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