Resonance FM 16/3/21 (Speed Training)

This week's show featured Dig That Treasure's first ever Zoom interview, almost a year after lockdown measures were first announced in the UK. My guests on the other side of the cyber-studio were Speed Training, the new project rising from the ashes of the much-loved and recently disbanded/reshuffled Great Dad, consisting primarily of Charlie and Caitlin but with a larger live ensemble due in the (hopefully near-) future. Their amazing debut track Bright And Beautiful Morning is available via Bandcamp now. Together we wrestled with the technical blips and communicative hurdles that dodgy internet connections and Zoom etiquette present to produce a fun DIY half-hour. Charlie and Caitlin played tunes from a variety of their friends and influences, including Belfast's femme-punk group Problem Patterns, Manchester's avant-rapper Algernon Cornelius, and Glasgow's goof-gabber hero Romeo Taylor. Also played were Garden Centre (selected previously by Kiran Leonard), a bonkers and extremely-Resonance Bob Ostertag collaboration, and Jelly Cleaver's powerful and sprawling protest song 'Yarl's Wood'. Thanks to Speed Training for their time & patience - you can listen to the glorious mess below!

Dig That Treasure (16/3/21)
Problem Patterns - Day And Age
Algernon Cornelius - Nudge Theory
Bob Ostertag, Otomo Yoshihide & Justin Vivian Bond - I Love Animals
Romeo Taylor - Kingdom Of Scotland
Garden Centre - I Am The Babysitter
Jelly Cleaver - Yarl's Wood

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