Resonance FM 2/3/21

Kicked off with Max Syedtollan's 'Four Assignments', a "narrative piece investigating the fictionality of history" and one of the most exciting and inventive things I've heard this year. After that was another new track - Momus's 'Nono' from his forthcoming album Athenian - followed by Finnish folk and Ethiopian jazz. I closed the show with Laetitia Sadier's 'Turn The Other Cheek' from A Home, the Dig That Treasure compilation that turned five (!) on Monday.
Dig That Treasure (2/3/21)
Max Syedtollan with Plus Minus Ensemble - Four Assignments
Momus - Nono
Värttinä - Marilaulu
Mahmoud Ahmed - Selam Almazeye
Laetitia Sadier - Turn The Other Cheek

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