Resonance FM 30/3/21 (Max Syedtollan)

After the very enjoyable but technologically unrefined Zoom chat with Speed Training a few weeks ago, I decided to book in composer Max Syedtollan for a call and give the radio-via-online-video-chat thing another go. Max and I had a chatted for over an hour, which I then had to brutally edit into fifteen minutes to accommodate the show's short run time and the great tunes Max had selected to play. We began the show with a conversation about his amazing recent piece 'Four Assignments' before Max introduced and discussed a selection of tracks that included Bulgarian folk-pop, GLARC's Gordon Bruce and theatrical pronk legends Cardiacs.

Dig That Treasure (30/3/21)
Rositsa Peychova - Sevdalino, Boy
Cardiacs - The Duck And Roger The Horse
Bryn Harrison - Surface Forms (Repeating)
Gordon Bruce - Sanctus
Michael Nyman - Bird Anthem

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