Resonance FM 13/4/21

Kicked off with a "techno" cover of Sakamoto's 'Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence', span a remix of another cover (Telex doing Roberto Cacciapaglia's 'My Time') and played yet another cover (60s folk-rock group Colours doing John Hartford's 'Gentle On My Mind') before a beautiful meditative piece by Zaidan Ibrahim and a track by avant-garde DIY project Amos And Sara. I closed the show with a fascinating song that was handed directly to me: Sindy Apple, the performer, approached me in the street in Hackney and gave me a piece of paper suggesting I buy her single from iTunes. So I did that immediately, and then I played it on the radio.

Dig That Treasure (13/4/21)
??? - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence Techno Ondo
Telex - My Time (Yann Tomita Remix)
Colours - Gentle On My Mind
Zaidan Ibrahim - الوداع
Amos And Sara - In Walked Lance
Sindy Apple - You Cuddle Me

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