Resonance FM 27/4/21

Opened this show with the first - and eponymous - track from the new Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings EP Grid, to be released in full on May 21st via Dig That Treasure Records! Very excited to be releasing this wonderful EP and to be working with Eli again after his contribution to the DTT compilation Elevate. The opening tune is available to stream right now via Bandcamp and the rest will follow on all streaming platforms on May 21st. Back to the radio show: I practised some label lovin' and span tunes from great indie labels I love, Orange Milk Records and Horn of Plenty. Following those were two songs by Coconut, a San Francisco (?) based band (?) that once existed (?) and then disappeared into thin air (?). I ripped these two mp3s from their Myspace approaching a decade ago and have since been unable to find any trace of Coconut online. If you're out there, Coconut, please let me know! Finally, closing the show was a great tune out by Anti-Palu, a zouglou group out of Côte d'Ivoire.

Dig That Treasure (27/4/21)
Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings - Grid
DIDA - Spaghettification
DIDA - Jooho
Svitlana Nianio - ???
Coconut - Congratulation
Coconut - Hold Your Bunny
Anti-Palu - Déni

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