Resonance FM 6/7/21

Kicked off this show with a Czech cover of Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love'. Followed that with another cover - Rebby Sharp doing 'Hesitation Blues' (preluded by some of her trademark experimentation). Next was Soviet underground new-wave group НИИ Косметики, playful Japanese artist Asao Kikuchi, Latin-inspired countrymen Carioca, and Catalan guitarist Toni Xuclà.

Dig That Treasure (6/7/21)
Jana Kocianová - Krídla
Rebby Sharp - Let The Piper Call The Tune / Hesitation Blues
НИИ Косметики - Еду в Ленинград
Asao Kikuchi - It's No Laughing Matter
Carioca - O Grande Campo
Toni Xuclà - Conte del Mediterrani

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