Rajesh Roshan - Superman, Superman

A few weeks back I posted a song from a Hindi film soundtrack, the Title Theme to Bombay Talkie, composed by Shankar Jaikishan. Driven by placid vocal "hums", the song's melody was a curiously modest affair. This song, from 1988 film Dariya Dil, is a whole lot different. Seemingly, their situation in Hindi film soundtracks is where the comparisons end. Rajesh Roshan's 'Superman, Superman' is a bass-driven disco track; a massively catchy girl-boy duet whose infectiousness lies within the almost comical cries of "Superman, Superman!" That's not to say it's a novelty; the combination of traditional Indian instruments, Hollywood orchestration and disco synthesisers works in a surprisingly sophisticated manner. It may seem a strange comparison, but it has the same rickety low-fidelity quality of William Onyeabor's 70s Afro-Funk.

Label: ?
Year: 1988
Genre: Disco, Pop, Bollywood

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