Matia Bazar - Solo Tu

Matia Bazar were - and are - massive in Italy. Since 1975 they've scored number ones in the home country, represented the nation in the Eurovision Song Contest, and racked up an adoring fanbase of middle aged Italian MOR and new wave fanatics. But in the UK? Matia Bazar are a case of not quite 'making it' in the English-speaking West. Maybe they're too 'cheesy', maybe the language barrier caused issues. Either way: for me right now, writing this post to be published to a base made up largely of English and American readers, this song is a total gem. It's a chirpy pop song. It's simple, it's easy, it's fun. And it has the vibe of a new wave rarity that didn't achieve what it could and should have (see also: Warfield Spillers).

Label: Ariston Records
Year: 1977
Genre: MOR, Pop, New Wave

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