Desalegne Welde - Kale Alegne

Over the course of Dig That Treasure!'s existence, I've played twenty-four different tracks of Ethiopian origin on my Resonance FM radio show, and featured many on this blog, too. Yet none - bar Girma Tefera Kassa's 'Man Neber Yalanci', I think - have been released post-2000. With the very limited information about this artists and songs available online I could well be wrong, but hours of researching suggests otherwise*. This track is an exception - and I have an official release date to assure me of that! Put out on Habesha Poetics, a label that specialises in East African music, this song is a lively cut of modern Ethio-Pop, in a similar vein to Neway Debebe's more recent works and those of the aforementioned Girma Tefera Kassa. It retains elements of traditional Ethiopian music whilst introducing synthetic handclaps and what sounds like subtle autotune.

Label: Habesha Poetics
Year: 2012
Genre: Ethio-Pop, Synth-Pop

(* if I do happen to be wrong, let me know) 

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