Dorothy Collins & Raymond Scott - Singin' In The Rain

Raymond Scott is best known as an electronic music innovator - creating and playing his own instruments, and experimenting with electronic methods before electronic music was a major player in people's minds. Aside from that, he was a composer, a pianist, engineer, producer, and bandleader. Here he is as the latter, leading his Raymond Scott Quintette and with his wife Dorothy Collins on vocals. A singer and child star, Collins was vocalist for Scott's band from the age of 15. This recording is very much 'of its time': Scott provides an arrangement more modest than his usual forward-thinking experiments, and Collins provides vocals that are, in hindsight, dated and antiquated. The recording, from 1955, comes only three years after Singin' In The Rain - from the classic musical of the same name - was originally released.

Label: ?
Year: 1955
Genre: Jazz, Broadway

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