Ted Chippington - Feel Like Buddy Holly

Always find it hard to write about things that are as unique as this. Ted Chippington (real name Francis Smyth) is a comedian of the deadpan 'anti-humour' variety - those words not being mine, for I find his stuff hilarious. Although it may seem as such, I'm not alone in thinking that. Stewart Lee is a big fan and was heavily influenced by Ted, while Lee's former comedy partner Richard Herring has said that Ted holds "contempt for the very idea of jokes". Given this assessment, one might expect his music to be even less humorous. That's not the case. A reinterpretation/parody of Alvin Stardust's 'Feel Like Buddy Holly', this track features an incredible imaginary encounter between Ted and Alvin. When the latter says "it's raining in my heart", Ted tells him: "ah well, y'know, shouldn't have been waiting outside for me, you should've gone inside the cafe, have a cup of tea while you were waiting - only yourself to blame." I find that nothing short of hysterical. But it's not just humour (or anti-humour) that Ted explores. His music is strangely poignant - his dry monotone atop kitsch forlorn instrumentals is strangely emotive, beautiful even. Fantastic stuff.

Label: Vindaloo Records
Year: 1986
Genre: Comedy, Experimental, Synth-Pop

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