Asei Kobayashi & Micky Yoshino - Eat

Last summer I spent some time in Berlin where I stayed a while in the flat of a Canadian girl, Rhianne, who had moved to the city to study. We met at a Jerry Paper show in a former brothel, and bonded over Haruomi Hosono and Francoise Hardy. One night we got a takeaway and she projected the Japanese surrealist horror flick Hausu against a wall in her apartment. I was blown away by the film's style, a dark sugar-rush that was unlike anything I'd ever seen before. As well as a ridiculous plot, amateur acting and a stunning aesthetic, the film boasts a killer soundtrack. The film's recurring musical theme is a beautiful piano motif although the stand out soundtrack contribution has really got to be 'Eat' - what I can only call 'the best song Zappa never wrote'. It's a crazy groove with a scaling bass, pots-down-the-stairs drums, and wacky/sexy keys. If the film's reputation hasn't turned you onto it yet, this tune will.

Label: Columbia Records
Year: 1977
Genre: Funk, Jazz, Electronica

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