Resonance FM 14/5/15

This episode featured a focus on The Science Fiction Corporation, a collaboration between two German composers that resulted in one of the strangest records I've heard for a while, 1968's Science Fiction Dance Party. It is a strange take on easy-listening, psychedelia and funk, with snippets of dialogue and often drowned in plain silly noise. I closed the show with a track by Storm Band, an Egyptian group making a fusion of jazz and, as they call, a more traditional 'Oriental music'. Other music on the show included Texan indie rock group Summer Salt, Croatian composer B. Zivkovic and Syrian dabke artist Obeid Al Jum'aa

Dig That Treasure (14/5/15)
Summer Salt - Sweet To Me
The Science Fiction Corporation - Hit Parade In The Light Year 25
The Science Fiction Corporation - Visitors of AD 2022
The Science Fiction Corporation - Souk El Juma
B. Zivkovic - Eastern Influence
Obeid Al Jum'aa - Instrumental Mejwiz
Storm Band - Trust Me (Lama Bada)

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