Resonance FM 7/5/15

In this episode of Dig That Treasure! I kicked off the evening with Isao Tomita's reinterpretation of Debussy's 'Arabesque No.1'. I span some classic easy-listening, then something from the soundtrack of video game Theme Hospital. I played the mysterious A.M. Deballot, some Russian post-punk, then Holy Page alumnus Ever Ending Kicks. I closed the show with Dan Deacon's absurd reworking of Carly Rae Jepsen's chart smash 'Call Me Maybe'. This week's key words: Debussy, video games, 'break the radio'.

Dig That Treasure (7/5/15)
Isao Tomita - Arabesque No.1
Syd Dale - Match Play
Theme Hospital OST - On The Mend
A.M. Deballot - Wudu
Kino - Kamchatka
Ever Ending Kicks - Our Associations
Dan Deacon - Call Me Maybe (147 Times Exponentially Layered)

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