Resonance EXTRA 26/1/16

After six months off the air Dig That Treasure! returned reinvigorated, this time on Peter Lanceley's newly launched Resonance EXTRA. The new show is four times as long as the Dig That Treasure! of old (clocking in at two hours) allowing for more focus on curatorial direction and segues. In short: it is better than before.

Dig That Treasure EXTRA (26/1/16)
Kaba Blon - Moribiyassa
"Blue" Gene Tyranny - The CBCD Intro
Mort Garson - Rhapsody in Green
GKR - Morgunmatur
Maria Minerva - The Sound
Mahmoud Ahmed - Abay Mado
Mahmoud Ahmed - Imbwa Belew
Moose Hill - Little Hawaii
Floyd Tillman - I Love You So Much It Hurts Me
Daniel Age 9 - Lonely Shoe
Brigadier General R. Pirngadie - Bahtera Ladju
Brigadier General R. Pirngadie - Pilu
The Evolutionary Jass Band - Lost in the Stars
DJ Warlord - Warlord Loves You
DJ Paypal - Whisper Zone
Nokwazi - Thula Mphikeni
Hosono, Suzuki, Yamashita - Nostalgia of Island
Arto Lindsay - Mulata Fuzarqueira
The Evolutionary Jass Band - 1968
Benoit Widemann - Tsunami
Haruomi Hosono - Sportsmen
Sporting Life - Badd
Graham Kartna - Null 2
David Darling & Wulu Bunun - Pis Lai
James Blackshaw & Lubomyr Melnyk - Tascheter
SF - Endlos

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