Resonance EXTRA 23/02/16

The second Dig That Treasure EXTRA kicked off which a track from composer Anna Meredith's upcoming record Varmints. I then span songs from Senegal, Thailand, Argentina, South Africa, Italy and various other places in between. I featured the debut single by DTT favourites and mid-explosion stars Let's Eat Grandma before dropping TWO premieres from A Home, the forthcoming Dig That Treasure charity compilation. The Go! Team's 'Aerial Station Wagon' was followed by Boys Age's 'Cult Pop'. This is the only place you can hear those two tunes before the 1st March. Listen and enjoy.

Dig That Treasure EXTRA (23/2/16)
Anna Meredith - R-Type
Los Twist - Viendolo
Mariko Fuji - 憂うつな午前5時
Brian Gascoigne & Brian Patten - The Mouse's Invitation
Oswald D'Andrea - Swimming Lotus
Franck Pourcel - Who Can Say
Susumu Yokota - Song Of The Sleeping Forest
Paul Ndlovu - Tsakane
Jlin - Black Diamond
DJ Amps - Stuck on Rhythm
Henrick The Artist - On The Moon
Holly Waxwing - Teva Suite
Linos Wengara Magaya & Gary Cove - Track 07
Mor Thiam - Ayo Ayo Nene
Yelli Fuzzo - Abandé
Infinite Bisous - Life + You
Let's Eat Grandma - Deep Six Textbook
Niwat Charoenmit - Prom Likit
The Go! Team - Aerial Station Wagon
Boys Age - Cult Pop
Diveo - Fairytale Girl
CST Amankwah - Bibiiba
Robert Cacciapaglia & Ann Steel - My Time
L. Pierre - The Kingdom
Popol Vuh - Take The Tension High

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