Resonance FM 13.12.17

Not sure how I'd got this far into Dig That Treasure!'s life without spinning Jeannie Piersol's song 'The Nest' on my show but, ay, I did on this episode! It's a real underground classic that shows its head periodically in musical corners of the internet. Next was two tunes by cult pervert weirdo Tonetta. I played two of his more radio-friendly tunes, 'The Saint' and 'I'll Remain As I Am.' I then span a song by Samsimar (their other tune, 'Indang Pariaman', also on Folk & Pop Sounds of Sumatra, is an all-time fave) before spinning two cuts of haunting old easy-listening-jazz-pop by Al Bowlly (the latter sampled by The Caretaker). Closing the show was a great track by Malian singer Aichata Sidibe.

Dig That Treasure (13/12/17)
Jeannie Piersol - The Nest
Tonetta - The Saint
Tonetta - I'll Remain As I Am
Samsimar - Bapikek Balam
Al Bowlly - Guilty
Al Bowlly - Heartaches
Aichata Sidibe - Tamala

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