Resonance FM 6.12.17

This episode was crammed with treasures. On average, an episode of DTT! features six tracks. Sometimes it works out that I play seven; sometimes, only five. This episode featured eight cracking tunes... and of great diversity, too! It kicked off with the bonkers, jam-packed, maximal 'Adjame Freedom' by Ivorian coupé-décalé artist Mareshal DJ. I brought it down a wee bit after that, with a (relatively) minimal piece of glitchy electronica by Maxo, before returning to hyperactive madness with one of my favourite songs of the year, the amazing 'Pobbles' by, er, Pobbles (assumedly it's A. G. Cook in disguise). Maxo has previously released on PC Music and Pobbles is a PC Music project, so that's a connection, I guess. Next up was a laid-back, romantic(?) R&B tune from Kenyan artist Synmaan. I followed that with an instrumental demo version of Tamao Koike's classic treasure 'Automne Dans Un Miroir' before dropping two tunes from the new Nicholas Krgovich album (out now on Tin Angel!) Closing the show was another Japanese tune (and, like 'Automne Dans Un Miroir,' also released in 1983), this time from Mariah.

Dig That Treasure (6/12/17)
Mareshal DJ feat. DJ Arafat - Adjame Freedom
Maxo - Eddy Vancouver
Pobbles - Pobbles
Synmaan - Makhulu
Tamao Koike - 鏡の中の10月(demo ver.)
Nicholas Krgovich - Country Boy
Nicholas Krgovich - Blue Wave
Mariah - 視線

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