Resonance FM 29.11.17

Kicking off this episode was Cloud Becomes Your Hand, the New York art-rock band. I then span a great tune from the late Zimbabwean singer Comrade Chinx - check out this album cover if nothing else! I played another tune by Yemane Barya (who I'd also played a few weeks back) as well as a cut from one of D'Eon's Music For Keyboards series, before ending with an absolutely gorgeous ambient track by Beverley Glenn-Copeland called 'Ever New.' The song features on a compilation released this year called Space, Energy and Light.

Dig That Treasure (29/11/17)
Cloud Becomes Your Hand - Garden of the Ape
Comrade Chinx - Munhu Denga Nenyika
Yemane Barya - Kulu Entnay N'aki
D'Eon - Aviation Graveyard
Beverley Glenn-Copeland - Ever New

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