Resonance FM 11/9/18

Yet another series on Resonance FM, marking five years on the station (my first show was September 2013)! I opened the show with the same song I opened the first ever - Mort Garson's Swingin' Spathiphyllums. I then played a song by Yeshimebet Dubale (who incidentally also featured on my first episode) and an oldie from Richard Dawson. Next was a great track from an album I picked up in New York's Chinatown, then a song from Finder's Keeper's compilation Life Is Dance! I finished the show with a tribute to Sam Mehran, who passed away in July.

Dig That Treasure (11/9/18)
Mort Garson - Swingin' Spathiphyllums
Yeshimebet Dubale - Ayimeshim
Richard Dawson - I Will Kiss You Goodnight
何大傻、呂紅 - 天之嬌女
Sohail Rana - Cobra Sway
Outer Limit Recordings - Sugar Pie

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