Resonance FM 18/9/18

The second episode of the new series kicked off with what I would say is a perfect closer, Marios Group's 'Borungku Si Derita' (which also opened the 15 track mix I compiled for this month's Wire Magazine). Some library music by Christian Chevallier followed, before some super saccharine video-game-pop from Japanese artist Silver Forest. Some 80s mbira playing followed, before I toned it town with Happy End's luscious 'Natsu Nandesu' and Woo's 'Romantics' (LONG LIVE WOO!).

Dig That Treasure (18/9/18)
Marios Group - Borungku Si Derita
Christian Chevallier - Rosebud
Silver Forest - Tsurupettan
Stella Chiweshe - Chachimurenga
Happy End - Natsu Nandesu
Woo - Romantics

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