Resonance FM 13/11/18

I tried the impossible - to condense Le Guess Who 2018, one of the best weekends I've ever had, packed with sensational live performances, into 30 minutes. I wasn't able to make the recordings I'd hoped to, so had to settle with spinning the studio versions of some of my highlights. I played songs from my top three sets of the weekend (Vashti Bunyan, Kate NV, Beverly Glenn-Copeland) as well as some from other highlights (Ammar 808, Rizan Said, Hailu Mergia) and even one from an artist I didn't manage to catch, but wish I had (Howie Lee). What a weekend. Roll on next year...

Dig That Treasure (13/11/18)
Kate NV - вас YOU
Vashti Bunyan - I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind
Hailu Mergia - Eti Gual Blenai
Rizan Said - Electric Mawwal I
Ammar 808 - Alech Taadini
Howie Lee - Bei Hai
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Deep River

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