Resonance FM 6/11/18

I opened and closed this show with songs from the new Dig That Treasure! Records release 'Miscellaneous Recordings, 2008-12'. The album is a 35 track collection of recordings I made during the aforementioned years. As the 'press release' of-sorts notes, "the album is intended as a reflexive, auto-ethnographic study. It’s an open exhibition of amateurism and child-like creativity." It was a strange thing for me to release - and an even stranger thing to play on air. Also on the show were a Cambodian novelty tune, some post-vaporwave-ish-I-dunno, a beautiful and lengthy piece of meditative Ethiopian folk pop, and a recording by the mysterious Rosielou (who, if you see this, please email me, I would like to hear the recordings of yours I have lost track off! -

Dig That Treasure (6/11/18)
Will M Hall - Warm Autumn v.1 [c.2011]
Prum Manh - Two Wives Are Twice The Problem
Yung Bae - 私は愛に ハイです
Will M Hall - Cobbled Streets [c.2011]
Rosielou - Tangerine
Bezawork Asfaw - Tezeta
Will M Hall - Little Lite Whies

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