Resonance FM 11/12/18 (DTT Speechless II)

Another half hour of uninterrupted instrumental and/or "ambient" music. We started with I Am Just A Pupil's tragicomic 'Family Dollar' and ended with some classic Mescherin. Along the way: sound designed Emily A. Sprague, Japanese pioneer Hiroshi Yoshimura, rare/anonymous field recording Portland's Ernest Hood, and a couple of songs from the ace label Tasty Morsels. Put it on as you sleep/study/read.

Dig That Treasure (11/12/18)
I Am Just A Pupil - Family Dollar
Emily A. Sprague - Piano 2 (Mount Vision)
h hunt - wrong ii
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Green
naran ratan - jam for bwengo
Ernest Hood - Gloaming
h hunt - pêche (sketches)
Vyacheslav Mescherin Orchestra - Ночная мелодия (Night Melody)

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