Resonance FM 18/12/18

A show bookended by two Christmas songs (of sorts). A polka and a glitchy piece. Between them, an organ dirge, some beautiful Korean dream-pop/folktronica, some Pakistani film music, Italian MOR, and an ode (or diss track) to 2018 by Lewis Evans of Jockstrap/Kinder Music/Guildhall Military Orchestra. Thanks to everyone for your support this year! See you in the new year...

Dig That Treasure (18/12/18)
Los Hermanos Ayala - Jingle Bells Polka
Kali Malone - Prelude
공중도둑 (Mid-Air Thief) - 쇠사슬 (Ahhhh, These Chains)
Tafo/Nahid Akhtar - Shola Sa Bharka
Matia Bazar - Solo Tu
Lewis Evans - Dear 2018
World's End Girlfriend - Xmas Song

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