Resonance FM 26/11/19

A classic Dig That Treasure live show featuring music from Japan, Finland, Indonesia and South Africa, as well as friend of the show Adrian Knight. I also played a song that had been sent to me by post - Pink Shabab's 'If Only I Could Hold You One More Time'. A fantastic song and the opener of Pink Shabab's album Ema By The Sea released this Friday.

Dig That Treasure (26/11/19)
Omoide Hatoba - C.T.I.
Pink Shabab - If Only I Could Hold You One More Time
Adrian Knight - Backup Lady (Everybody Gets Handed Down)
Gryk√ę Pyje - A Glitch In The Jungle
Group Rineka Gaya - Yang Paling Enak
Ayobayo Band - Homeless Man

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