Resonance FM 3/12/19

Another episode with minimal chatter, thanks to a flu and lost voice. Still, six great tunes, starting with London experimentalist Litter Frog's 'Vampire' (catch her at Cafe OTO in February). Following that, four uninterrupted tunes back to back, from the toy music of French artist Klimperei to Ted Chippington's deadpan parody via fantastic Somalian singer Hibo Nuura and Lithunanian group Kopų Balsai. I finished the show with the full eleven minutes of Bezawork Asfaw's beautiful 'Tezeta'. Listen below, now!

Dig That Treasure (3/12/19)
Litter Frog - Vampire ft. Jodie Granger
Klimperei - Lapin Meimei
Hibo Nuura - Bartamaha Hees
Kopų Balsai - Jeigu Meile Tiki
Ted Chippington - Atmosphere
Bezawork Asfaw - Tezeta

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