Resonance FM 21/1/20

This one's a little all over the shop, with Congolese rumba, Uzbeki synth-pop, abstract post-post-post-post-post-whatever (100 Gecs and Giant Claw), beautiful solo washint (Melaku Gelaw), chilled out Moroccan space organ, and the unclassifiable melodic experiments of Bristol's Tara Clerkin Trio.

Dig That Treasure (21/1/20)
Pépé Kallé - Shikamo Seye
Davron Gaipov - Бу Нима Бу!
100 Gecs - I Need Help Immediately
Giant Claw - Deep Thoughts 001
Melaku Gelaw - Misgana (Praise)
Abdou El Omari - Musika Munreal
Tara Clerkin Trio - Hellenica

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