Resonance FM 28/1/20

Particularly happy with this episode, perhaps because beyond the first track - a fiery slice of Malagasy rock 'n' roll - I played mostly gentle music, representative of my recent mood (or rather a mood I aspire to). So, we had: Masahiro Takahashi's beautifully warm 'Cloud Bed', Spectral Park & Kot Kot's Southamptonian-Russian collaboration 'Lesnoy Dorozhkoy', Djiboutian singer Fatouma Mansour's (admittedly more upbeat) pop, Yasuaki Shimizu's sparkly ambience, Tara Nome Doyle's gorgeous 'Stille Natt' and finally Leo Takami's 'Unknown' guitar journey.

Dig That Treasure (28/1/20)
Simon Randria - Mitsangana
Masahiro Takahashi - Cloud Bed
Spectral Park & Kot Kot - Lesnoy Dorozhkoy
Fatouma Mansour - Malab Xoggal Yok Yabbixe
Yasuaki Shimizu - Seiko 3
Tara Nome Doyle & Henning Schmiedt - Stille Natt
Leo Takami - Unknown

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