Resonance FM 4/2/20

I ended this show with a bit of an anomaly, a song by a well-known group signed to a well-known label and who are still touring large venues across the world. Still, the particular track played, an instrumental version of the the beautiful and intricate '(I Wanna) Feel It All' by Dirty Projectors is the b-side to the most slept-on song on an arguably overlooked album... Beyond that I had some great obscurities and oddities: from the godfathers of outsider pop Wilson and Moore to Japanese actress/singer Sachiko Nashida, via the lesser-known American guitarist C'est What?!, Italian lounge legend Piero Umiliani (Ruscigan), Taiwanese singer Chai Mi Mi and the inimitable Yeshimebet Dubale with Fasil Demoz.

Dig That Treasure (4/2/20)
Gary Wilson & R. Stevie Moore - If I Could Only Be With You
Yeshimebet Dubale & Fasil Demoz - Yeshiye
Chai Mi Mi - Unforgettable
Ruscigan - Semplice E Bella
C'est What?! - Gentle Flight
Sachiko Nashida - Chin Chin Chidori
Dirty Projectors - (I Wanna) Feel It All [Instrumental]

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