Resonance FM 12/5/20

Bookended this show with brand new music. More Eaze's 'Progress In Therapy', released on Orange Milk Records in April, opened the show. To close the show I played Zellerbach, the lead single from Aaron Space & His Terrestrial's debut album Fishland. The record's out on Moon Glyph on May 22nd. In between, I span Johnny Dupont's organ interpretation of Ebb Tide, a track from Portuguese musician Negra Branca (also of Gnod), and a lovely sprawling song from Oromo Ethiopian singer Abebe Abeshu.

Dig That Treasure (12/5/20)
More Eaze - Progress In Therapy (Feat. Claire Rousay)
Johnny Dupont - Ebb Tide
Negra Branca - O Espatelar Do Linho
Abebe Abeshu - Ya Shagge Burtukana Koo
Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings - Zellerbach

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