Resonance FM 5/5/20

This episode kicked off with a recording of Pink Shabab live on Quarantunes, a YouTube channel that has been hosting livestream gigs during lockdown. I had the privilege of curating last Friday's show, with Pink Shabab, Platonica Erotica, Julian Lynch and Martha Skye Murphy performing live from their homes to celebrate the launch of Elevate. You can catch up on the whole stream here. Next up was the beautiful 'Kajyadhi Fu Bushi', which sounds like traditional Japanese folk music with Pet Sounds arrangements (the beds of horns, particularly). That was followed by K. K.'s No. 2 of Ghana, and a duo of tunes from the brilliant Zach Phillips. The Wiregrass singers' gospel/Sacred Harp music followed, before I closed with Jockstrap's new single.

Dig That Treasure (5/5/20)
Pink Shabab - If Only I Could Hold You One More Time (Live On Quarantunes)
Jun Arasak And Nine Sheep - Kajyadhi Fu Bushi
K. K.'s No. 2 - Odo Ye Wu Fie
Zach Phillips - Playing Dumb [Kalmia Traver]
Zach Phillips - A Week Of Sundays [Derek Baron]
Wiregrass Sacred Harp Singers - Give Me Just A Little More Time
Jockstrap - The City

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