Resonance FM 27/10/20

This week's show was a tribute to Zach Phillips, the composer, multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, engineer, harmonist, label boss, philosopher, egalitarian, collaborator and king of the so-called "underground." I played ten tracks that featured Zach in some capacity, most of which are available from his label OSR Tapes - a not-for-profit label "trafficking mostly in sub rosa, arcane songwriterly music of culturally unintelligible & often uncertain representational politics." Over the years, Zach has floated in the same circles as Chris Cohen (whose project Cryptacize is responsible for the name Dig That Treasure), Adrian Knight and Ed Askew (both of whom featured on my 2016 compilation A Home and have made mixes for the blog; Adrian also did a session for this show back in 2014). His music is always surprisingly, always thoughtful and always tuneful. Dig into the world of ZP below (I've listed the vocalists that appear on each song in the tracklist)!

Dig That Treasure (27/10/20)
Blanche Blanche Blanche - That's Okay [Sarah Smith]
Grendel's Mother - Heart Made Of Rust [Jazz Adam]
Grendel's Mother - Too Much Going On [Jazz Adam]
Blanche Blanche Blanche - I Can Pay [Sarah Smith]
Blanche Blanche Blanche - Look's Don't Run [Sarah Smith]
Maher Shalal Hash Baz - Happy [Tori Kudo]
Zach Phillips - Case Closed [Zach Phillips]
Lilith Outcome - How Can It Taste So Good? [Zach Phillips]
Zach Phillips - Four Minutes To Play [Ani Ivry-Block]
Zach Phillips - Mistress Of The Junior Professed [Sophie Dickinson]

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